About Clinic

Welcome to Saksham Physiotherapy Clinic

Saksham Physiotherapy Clinic is a very well known physiotherapy center .It has well organized and well equipped set up of physiotherapy and has all physiotherapy electronic modalities to serve people which includes Interferential therapy unit, Ultrasonic therapy unit, Electronic traction unit, Electrical stimulator, Transcutaneus Electrical Nerve Stimulation etc.

We provide best exercise therpy techniques which include-

  • Active movements/Passive movements.
  • Resisted exercise against weight and theraband.
  • Active stretching techinique/Passive stretching techinique.
  • Techinique of Joint Mobilization to improve joint range of motion.
  • We also concened with care of physical fitness of Heart and Lung.
  • Physiotherapy advices for Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) patients.
  • Exercise regine includes Anatomy and Physiology of Lung and Respiratory System along with different breathing technique.
  • Chest Physiotherapy for Pulmonary and Cardiac conditions.
  • Post Surgical Exercises advice for Cardiac and Pulmonary conditions.
  • Patients with joint problems are given tips to avoid pains, ergonomics and postural correction along with exercises.
  • Pregnant females are given detail explanation of pregnancy physiology, postural correction, breathing exercises for labour along with other exercises.
  • Neurological conditions are treated according to the individualized needs including balacing exercises and specialized technique like PNF etc..

Our Aims...

  • Provide immediate scheduling.
  • Gain & record accurate histories & clinical information.
  • Assess & explain your injury.
  • Treat your injury using appropriate techniques.